Well it isn’t actually. I also absolutely love the buzz of live performing and being able to tell the audience, whether its three people or 3000 people, are enjoying your songs. I do think a natural ability to write a good lyric and melody  is what gives me a little bit of hope of getting somewhere in music.  In 2016, I had the pleasure of working with established Scottish musician James Grant at a youth song writing workshop in Paisley.  I played him the songs I had written over the last couple of years and he said I was “a songwriter of great maturity and poise”. That gave me huge confidence and a belief that people could enjoy my original material as much as the pop covers set I had mostly performed previously.

Everyone knows the music business is crowded and competitive and comes with no guarantee of a steady income or recognition. Even at my age, with low overheads and some parental support, it takes a lot of determination to keep following the dream. In Glasgow particularly, there is so much talent, so many bands and artists applying for the available gigs and showcases and vying for attention.

I’m actually quite a shy person when I’m not performing and have also suffered from anxiety, which means I am really not very good at networking and getting myself in amongst the right people.   My Mum has picked up the slack with that and together we knock on lots of doors to see if anyone is answering.  Inevitably, we get ignored, we get told to come back next year, or we get told we just don’t quite fit.  It can become demoralising but I have been very lucky since the release of my EP in 2017.

While there are many thresholds still to cross, “Free Spirits” has certainly opened a few more doors. People have listened, liked what they heard and given me  huge reassurance and encouragement, a virtual hug and pat on the back which has given me the incentive to keep putting time, effort and money into the musical journey.  Its really useful for someone like me to be able to gain the following awards and achievements at this stage based on my song writing ability and not on having the right connections or a certain in demand sound:

  • Renfrewshire Live and Unsigned Winner 2017
  • Radio Wigwam Female Artist of 2017 Nominee
  • Salute UK Music Maker Top 6 2017
  • Jim Diamond Radio Clyde Award Runner up 2017
  • Song Academy Young Songwriter Finalist 2018

I have also been delighted to be picked at a number of emerging artist showcases this year,  at Celtic Connections, the Killin Music Festival and Dougie Maclean’s Perthshire Amber festival in November.

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